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Judge less Forgive more…

Ever wondered why you can never be mad at your mother for very long? I Love my mom a lot, like almost all of us. If you see deep inside its mainly because she loves you, accepts you, corrects you, does a thousand other things and hence is just irreplaceable. Her entire life always revolves around you. If we could just take the good part from this, try to use it in every relationship we come across, we will have a beautiful life.

Mother not only loves you but also helps you become a better individual, by being strict sometimes same goes with your teacher, your mentor, or even your manager at work. They just want you to be better than what you were before.  If we do not put every relationship we have, under the microscope, you will see things can work out much better. It just takes few adjustments to make any relationship work. Being angry because someone did not do something the way you wanted it to be is one thing and hating them for that is other.

Don’t be too judgmental or else you will be too lonely in this big fat world. Every person is dealing with so much that we are not aware of. We only see what they want anyone to see but deep down there is so much pain in every other person you meet. Let go, if your friend didn’t smile or showed enough excitement when you wanted him/her to on your achievements. Do not cloud your thoughts that they are jealous of you. They might be dealing with a greater loss and do not want to sadden you with the news meanwhile they cannot be as happy as you want them to be. If it really bothers you, speak up and clear your head rather than linking every next move to your imaginary hatred and jealousy.

Forgive, it makes things so much easier. You might have heard this a thousand times but you will be at peace if you master the art of forgiveness. Everything that happens around you is not always because of you, it’s not always about you, stop linking unnecessary things to you. There are so many factors affecting the behaviour of people around you. This applies to your siblings, friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, anyone that you come across. Give them enough chances to make it up. They may not have intended to hurt you but might have had a bad day. If its too much, talk it out or if you feel things are way out of control stay away, time heals everything. Never give up on anyone who loves you has been there for you.

Do not let anything snatch your peace of mind. So many relationship issues are because of lack of communication. The more you talk it out the clearer everything will be and simpler your life will become. Listen without judging. Keep your point without being defensive. Try to give another chance, remember you might be in a same position one day expecting a second chance you may not get it if you don’t give it. What goes around comes around remember.

Relationships, friendships become more stronger when there are no strings attached. You love them accept them and not try to change them. You could always tell them what you feel is right but hating them for not listening to you won’t turn up as a good option.

If we could all keep our egos aside and not take everything so seriously most of the heart aches will be gone. Being happy is an Art. Being contented with what we have is a blessing. I wish more people smile each day a little more, forgive a lot more 🙂


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